What is Multiverse hypothesis ? Do multiverses exist?

According to inflation , the Big Bang happened again and again, infinite universe , its a never ending process.

The inflationary theory of cosmology, an enduring theory about our universe and how it was formed, explains that just after the Big Bang, the universe went through a period of rapid expansion. This theory has been critical to understanding what’s going on in the cosmos today.

We might be living in multiverse , maybe some kind of duplicate universe.

The multiverse hypothesis and the concept of multiple universes depends on the conception of reality as a four-dimensional space-time continuum in which “everything that could possibly happen does happen in some universe.

Science fiction or reality: what is the multiverse theory?

Is there more than one universe? Science fiction authors and daydreamers have imagined parallel universes since long before scientists described our own.

All we know is contained in our universe, including planets, stars, galaxies, and even time. Physicists estimate that it spans 93 billion light years, which is truly jaw-dropping in terms of its size. There is much more than can ever be explored by our species.

Could there be other universes besides ours? Could alternate universes exist “next door” to our own, undetected?

There are good reasons to consider the multiverse concept, which is often called the multiverse by cosmologists. A multiverse is actually a vital part of many of the most powerful scientific theories that explain the origins of our universe.

Alternate universe theories

It’s not just that sci-fi writers stumbled upon the concept of a multiverse, it grew out of other ideas, such as string theory and quantum mechanics. Multiverses are predicted even in the theory of cosmic inflation, which is at the heart of astronomers’ current understanding of our cosmos.

Other universes could exist in a multiverse that is nearly identical to ours – or may be unimaginably different. The realm of parallel universes opens up many fascinating (and mind-boggling) possibilities.

There may at least be some universes that contain doppelgängers of you, because as many authors have suggested over the years that there may be infinite parallel universes. As the laws of physics aren’t the same for every universe, these alternate versions of you may also experience an entirely different physical reality.

Parallel universes are divided into four types

Based on the theories of MIT mathematician and cosmologist Max Tegmark.

  • There might not be anything qualitatively different and new in a parallel universe from our own.
  • There could be totally different laws of physics in a parallel universe.
  • In a parallel universe, similar laws of physics may exist, but the initial conditions may be different.
  • There could be parallel universes with the same fundamental laws of physics, but with a different set of effective laws

Many scientists have dismissed the multiverse concept because of one simple fact: If there aren’t any other universes, then there’s no way to prove the existence of others. There are, however, some who disagree with that premise.

Evidence of a multiverse

Is it possible to prove that we live in a multiverse? We wouldn’t survive a collision with another universe, but some evidence would be available – even if we did survive. The cosmic microwave background (CMB), the afterglow of the Big Bang, may also exhibit cold or hot spots from colliding universes. Those spots should be detectable with advanced sky surveys, if that is the case.

As evidence for cosmic inflation, the phenomenon of gravitational waves — ripples in space-time — may also appear. A theory of gravitational waves posits that the CMB may contain tiny curls due to gravitational waves left over from the Big Bang, and some telescopes are actively searching for these curls.

This evidence could ultimately prove sci-fi writers are correct in their prediction that there exists another you, living their life in another universe – proving that their theories are correct once again.

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