7 top equipments for videographers & creators alike!

You can capture all the fun and excitement of your outing with a mobile phone while you’re having fun with friends. When capturing and preserving those hilarious and memorable moments with your phone, it becomes your sole video-shooting device.

In contrast, videography equipment is indispensable for a large-scale event like a corporate conference or a family function like a wedding or engagement that must be professionally captured.

This article introduces you to three of the most useful but inevitable sets of video production equipment. As you know, a single videography equipment cannot perform all the tasks of videography.

7 Essential Items for Professional Videography
Here are seven items that you must have for professional videography. Let’s explore to find out more!

1. Filmora Business – The best video editing software

When packing the gear for the video production, you might have forgotten the most important component. This program helps to edit videos.

Your raw footage gets a new lease of life by being flawlessly edited by Filmmora Business. Using the built-in audio library (.AAC, .MP3, .WMA, or .OGG audio formats), you can change the background music of your .AVI, .MP4, or .MKV videos. To highlight the key information, such as adding credits, you can add various text/title templates. The video effects, transitions and overlays offered in the free version are more than 300.

The program helps you remove noise from raw footage to produce clear audio. Video editing exercises are easier with this Windows and Mac software. Try it now by downloading it!

2. Camera

You cannot complete your video recording or shooting project without the right video camera.

Whether you are an amateur, an expert, or even a hobbyist when it comes to video editing, the camera is the key to every successful event.

To decide the appropriate video camera you should consider your budget, the type of shoots you usually do (like run-and-gun, static, or stealth), and the location where your video will be shown (theatre, website, or broadcast). You can also shoot excellent 4K videos with mirrorless cameras.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a DSLR or an iPhone, you can shoot documentaries with anything, but for serious needs, you need a top notch digital video camera from a reputable brand (Sony, Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, etc.).

Ensure the video equipment can record audio with maximum clarity.

3. Stabilizer

In order to get clear and sharp images when shooting video or stills, stabilization is crucial. The only thing missing from your video equipment gear bag is a quality tripod and slider for unsurpassed performance, though it’s okay to skip the slider.

For the best possible shooting experience, tripods like the Manfrotto MT190X3 provide a solid and sturdy fluid head. Additionally, iPhone video stabilizers are available if you plan to use your iPhone to shoot video.

For starters, you can make do with just one fluid head despite the fact that you might need to use multiple heads for your monopod, tripod, and slider. Konova K3 sliders are not bad for entry-level sliders.

4. Sound equipment

Okay! Video on the internet is generally of low quality, despite the fact that it is shot very clearly. There is a problem with the audio quality of these videos. Audio recording tools should be included with video production equipment.

When the audio quality is good, even grainy videos will be viewed until the end, regardless of the video quality. If you plan on recording background sound with your DSLR, get a quality video mic like RODE.

Weddings and events that require a lot of movement require a wireless microphone such as the Sennheiser or Zoom H4N recorder. There are many free websites that offer music that can be added to videos for free.

5. Lighting

I agree! What videography equipment list is complete without mentioning lighting?

If you are an amateur photographer, you can use a regular LED light attachment (that attaches to the top of the DSLR camera). Alternatively, you can choose a Neewer 160 dimmable LED light as the starter.

In addition to camera stands, lights, and carry cases, high level camera kits are equipped with lighting for a more professional effect. Light should only be added when the scene requires it. That’s a crucial point to keep in mind when using lights.

It is obvious that videos taken in broad daylight will look much better without those additional lights. It’s crucial to have lights to fill low light conditions in order to emphasize your subject.

6. Batteries

No matter how advanced a camera’s features are, or how sophisticated its production equipment is, if you don’t have power in your camera, what good is it?

If you have rechargeable batteries, make sure they are fully charged before heading out on your next video shoot. Always pack 4-5 spare batteries just in case.

7. Memory Cards

Well, well! That is a pity all the best equipment for videography doesn’t have enough memory to save the shots.

If need be, keep a few extra memory cards on hand so you will be able to save the images you take no matter what. Photographs capture your happiness, and memories are just as beautiful.

If you have a high-end video camera, get SanDisk Extreme or Ultra memory cards.

Last but not least, avoid low-quality deals, choose a trusted brand with 16 to 32 GB memory, and backup the photographs to a hard drive in between shots.

If you transfer the captured memories to a hard drive or PC, long breaks will prevent your memory card from getting accidentally corrupted.

To sum it up

When you can’t edit your footage to create an attractive end product from your videos, it’s not enough to shoot high quality videos.

The Wondershare Filmora Business software has several built-in features for a wholesome video editing experience. It supports a wide array of video and audio formats. Now is the time to try it!

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