7 benefits of writing a dairy or a journal!

Journaling serves a number of purposes. Journals for travel, dreams, gratitude, and prayer are some of the different types of journals we keep. Journals, which were used to record events and observations during the day, were common in the past. The personal side of our history would not have been possible without diarists and letters writers such as Anne Frank and Samuel Pepys. Nowadays, most people do not keep a journal or a diary, they capture their lives on social media and prefer to keep a blog or a vlog. Wouldn’t it be nice to do so?

We all have something that we would like to improve about ourselves. For many people, writing is a release and a way to improve themselves. It helps us reflect on our thoughts and feelings and helps us learn more about ourselves. However, it is not always easy to journal every day. A lot of people can’t make the time to journal or they are not motivated enough to write anything. This blog explains why it is important to journal and give some ways to get started if you are not already doing so.

Listed below are 7 benefits of writing a diary or journal:

1. Improves your Memory

The benefits of writing down thoughts and ideas that you have throughout the day can be immeasurable. By simply writing something down, your brain is more likely to retain that information. The more thoughts and ideas you have written down, the more you will be able to recall those things. This is a great way to get new ideas for the future and is also a great way to organize your thoughts. You are more likely to store information in your brain if you record your thoughts and ideas throughout the day. Your diary is a good place to store new facts, but you’ll also be able to retrieve them more easily later when you write them down. Therefore, a diary is a great place to store knowledge, but it can also help you to learn things in the future. Your creative juices need to flow, your ideas need to roll, and your brain needs to grow. Remember, however, that the reasons to keep a journal extend beyond this. 

2. Brainstorming Ideas

The benefits of journal writing are that you are able to keep all of your ideas in one place, no matter how all over the place they may be. Writing in a journal is therapeutic and can help you relieve stress. It’s also a good way to share your thoughts with others, so you are able to reach out and connect with others. It can be difficult to think when you’re constantly preoccupied with work or other things, so journaling is a good way to work out your thoughts and process your feelings. The benefit of keeping a journal is that you can organize all of your thoughts and ideas in one place, regardless of how scattered they are. You are free to jot down whatever thoughts come into your head. Afterward, you can return to these ideas and obtain even more new and awesome ideas by connecting them and drawing conclusions.

3. Inspired Creativity

It may seem like a silly idea to write something down every day. But when you write, it can help you get out your thoughts and it also creates a document that you can look back on in the future. You can use your journal to remember some of the best memories of your life. You never know what might happen that you’ll want to revisit. Creativity is inherent in everyone. You may not believe you’re capable if you haven’t tried. Any thoughts that come to mind can be written down in your journal. It is always better to have a crazy idea. Allow your imagination to wander to the farthest reaches of your mind and capture the journey. The more you experiment with opportunities and possibilities, the more inspiration you’ll find. Journaling is a great way to expand your creativity.

4. Staying Organized

People have been doing diaries and journals for a long time. It is an interesting way to keep a record of your thoughts and progress in life. If you are in college, you may want to write a journal to remember what you did in that semester. If you are older, you can write about your family and your feelings. There are many benefits to keeping a journal or diary for personal purposes. Maintaining a diary helps you stay organized. Daily musings, thoughts about a certain event, or feelings about the experience can all be recorded. By tagging and archiving your Penzu entries, you can find whatever you’ve written instantly. They can serve as memory banks or reminders for whatever you desire. By keeping diaries about specific topics, you can archive and organize your thoughts even more efficiently. It is possible to travel back in time through journals, to remember a business you wanted to start, or to try and achieve a better state of mind. Whatever you decide to write about, keeping a diary lets you organize your thoughts into notes, lists, memories, stories, and more.

5. Reduction of Stress

Many people feel stressed when they cannot express themselves and what they are feeling. This stress can accumulate in your body and manifest itself in the form of a variety of physical and mental health issues. If you are able to write about what you are feeling, it can release the stress from your body. Writing in a journal or diary can be a great outlet and very therapeutic. Putting pen to paper allows you to release your feelings and be cleansed. It is less likely that you will harbor anxiety, frustration and pain inside, which causes stress. You might be internalizing tension when you write in a diary.

6. Self- Reflection

Sometimes it can be hard to remember the lessons of the past. You may find yourself reliving memories that bring you pain. When you write a journal, you are able to revisit the memories and try to make sense of them. Reflecting on your past, what you did, what you should have done, etc. It can help you see the patterns in your life and help you improve as a person. It’s a way to take a step back from all of that and reflect on yourself. In the course of daily life, we can get caught up in routines that can be extremely stressful. It is easy to get consumed by responsibility and expectation. A sense of perspective on all that can be gained by taking a step back and reflecting on yourself through journaling. It is possible to recognize a pattern in their behavior if you or others started noticing it. As a result of writing a diary, you can reflect on what has changed in you, see changes you would like to make, and make decisions on what to do about those changes.

7. Achieving your Goals

It is always important to set goals for yourself. By writing them down and thinking about them every day, you can feel motivated and have a better chance of achieving them. For instance, if you want to be healthier, you can write down a list of how you are going to stay healthy. You can also do this for any other personal goals that you have such as school, work, etc. It is also important to write down what makes you happy and not just what makes you unhappy. Writing down your goals will increase your chances of achieving them. When you keep a diary, you can not only write down your ambitions and aspirations, but also elaborate on them. Documenting new developments and accomplishments will allow you to monitor your progress and motivate yourself.


1) As you start writing, the attention is on creating the words that you put down on paper. And back of the words, is the intent or the energy that you’re putting into them. That focused energy is why writing things down to manifest works.

2) Writing helps people develop higher-order thinking skills that involve three cognitive processes – analysis, evaluation, and creation.

Questions we need to ask ourselves

What are the current factors limiting your growth and success? Is someone standing in your way at work or school? Are you underappreciated and overlooked for opportunities? What are the long odds you’re up against right now? Are you standing in your own way? Break out your JOURNAL—if you don’t have one, buy one, or start one on your laptop, tablet, or in the notes app on your smart phone—and write them all out in minute detail. Absorb its power, You will use your story, this list of excuses, these very good reasons why you shouldn’t amount to a damn thing, to fuel your ultimate success.

To start daily writing it is not easy if you are not a passive writer, I know it’s hard, but this act alone will begin to empower you to overcome.

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